Yacht Salvage, Benefit From Our Experience, Save Time and Money

October 7th, 2011

Yacht Salvage

About Us

This blog is intended to be a resource for those looking for a yacht salvage or a low cost strategy to get the yacht of your dreams.  In the past, Yachts were normaly only accessable to the very rich.  The introduction of the fiberglass hull in the 1970’s provided longer life for the hull and as a result an increasing availability of serviceable used or salvage yachts that can be purchased and restored by the boater with a few handyman skills.

We will focus our initial efforts to locate sailing yachts thirty feet and larger.  This is an arbitrary selection based on our experience in locating and purchasing our first Salvage Yacht. We will share our experience in an effort to save you time and money locating the yacht of your dreams.

We will cover subjects including:

· Were to find used and Salvage Yachts

· How to survey the yacht and determine if it is a bargain or a money pit

· Budgeting the restoration

· Sources for parts

· How to make repairs

·Slip costs and locations

· Sailing clubs and newsletters

· Sailing locations

·Boating information

· Live aboard options

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